Sunday, April 29, 2007

Prosperity Handkerchief..yours for the low cost of...

Of all the infomercials I've seen in my life..this one
is definitely the biggest Gong show.

But...if you ARE looking for a "blessed and prayed over" beautiful
green handkerchief with Don Stewarts initials embroidered on it..
well then maybe you just need to click on the link below!!

Click Here to visit good Old Don!

*sniff* oh my clarence..would you just look at how pensive..and wise Mr. Stewart looks..*sigh* How he holds that prosperity handkerchief with such AUTHORITY.

Its HOTT. lemme tell you. its hot!

Oh, and If you'd like some more bogus tv evangelists..
go ahead and read about Mr. Peter Popoff and his:

Miracle Spring water:

whats that you say? earpiece? for yourself. its sad.

Peter Popoff

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