Thursday, May 17, 2007


is that the sound a bird makes?

I'm feeling flighty, and bored with blogger...

So I am testing the waters of another site...

I'm not sure yet who i will choose..
so JUST so you know..I'll be posting on there for a while.
just finding out who my true love is.

besides..its greener over there.

here's the link:



by the way!! FRISBEE WAS AMAZING!!

thanks to Adam and Krista who came and sat through TWO games.
such great friends :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BOB, Frisbee, and Family

I am back in Vancouver...
getting back into "Wow, I have a schedule" mode
Scatter brained, I am
But I'm getting better.

Lets start with the amazing BOB trio bike adventure
that was had on Saturday morning/afternoon.

It was if I was seeing Vancouver for the first time as
I saw it on a was accessible and changing..
so wonderful.
Adam, Krista and Myself make up the deadly trio also know as:


I will post picture later. muahahaha...

In other news:

My first game is tomorrow at 6pm
at the field:

Jericho W

Thats directions to the field and all that Jazz..
y'all should come and watch, its such a fun game..
and I have a feeling there's some people on my team that you know.
*wink wink*

But yes..
thats the quick news.

My home, Minnesota..was amazing.
Saranum, Saranum, Saranum.

I love family.

Monday, May 7, 2007


Listening to: Cover of Bob Dylan's
Times they are a changin by A Whisper in the Noise

Fear comes at us sideways
We hide away from man
This plan
In place
In case our weak bones break
We take and take
We twist and harden
Still you pardon


When we don't forgive
Or choose to live
The life you call us to
We chew
And stew
In self-pity
These things don't come from


Come straighten our souls
Re-evaluate our goals
Heal our bones
Help them mend
We can't send
This weak flesh to battle
To the slaughter
Like the cattle
But that's the beauty..
You send us armed
Keep us from harm-
Ful times, even though
I forget my lines
Screw up my rhymes
Even in these end times

You breathe...

And I fear no more.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I-Sight Fun.

1. Krista, Me, Stefan
2. Adam, looking like one of the 7 Dwarves
3. Like my hat? WORD.
4. Brother(Chris) and Sister(Laura)
5. My most recent Art Project
6. Adam, Braden, me, Erik
7. Crystalization and Myself
8. Me, Erik, Crystal, and Braden

Thursday, May 3, 2007


yes...I am home.
It is a long awaited refuge that
I find here in Arden Hills, Minnesota.

To see the millions of trees..
thousands of lakes..the green grass.
the jungle in my family..
my room and bed.

I'll always love this place.

I wish I could take this place
in one hand..vancouver in the other and
smush them together and make:

Arvan Hillver. Pretty cool name for a city..dont you think?


Here's the point of the night.

KING KONG is the SADDEST movie i have EVER seen.
The movie was over 15 minutes ago, and I am still crying.

I am so silly.

Goodnight Moon.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Prosperity Handkerchief..yours for the low cost of...

Of all the infomercials I've seen in my life..this one
is definitely the biggest Gong show.

But...if you ARE looking for a "blessed and prayed over" beautiful
green handkerchief with Don Stewarts initials embroidered on it..
well then maybe you just need to click on the link below!!

Click Here to visit good Old Don!

*sniff* oh my clarence..would you just look at how pensive..and wise Mr. Stewart looks..*sigh* How he holds that prosperity handkerchief with such AUTHORITY.

Its HOTT. lemme tell you. its hot!

Oh, and If you'd like some more bogus tv evangelists..
go ahead and read about Mr. Peter Popoff and his:

Miracle Spring water:

whats that you say? earpiece? for yourself. its sad.

Peter Popoff