Thursday, April 19, 2007

Freedom House

Today was a truly amazing day.
We visited a place called Freedom House, which
is a Christian Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation center that
is based on discipleship and accountability.

The ages ranged from 18-50.
I was quite scared walking in there..
I mean its just a men's group..and I dont know,
I'm kind of a chicken sometimes

I go some places expecting to serve and hopefully bless them..
and then YOU get blessed and you're like:

*does a crazy flip out spaz muscles dance*
"Wow, I didnt even deserve that, but i just got it."
Basically it was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people..

and Now I have a larger than life smile on my face just thinking about it.

Random amusing thought:
today...I made this statement: "eww...*BARFS IN HER HEAD*"
and then I thought to myself...OH my goodness.
It would be quite the trip to try and clean up barf for inside my head.
what does that EVEN mean?
you figure it out....
yes..chew on that!!!
but not really, cause or else you would be a gross freak.